Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The trip for Sydney is all planned and ALL I need to do now is save ...
We are going to stay in the Surry Hills which is surrounded by a billion op shops... very very excited !
I have been looking online to find some op shops which I havent been to before eg. Mister Stinkys, the name does seem a bit off putting by I checked out the web site and it looks like it has some potential. 

Also have been checking out some cafes which on danielle and my last trip didn't get to go into. I want to find some that are tucked away and hidden in little nooks because they always seem to be amazing and really alternative.

Only going to be there for a short couple of days so we intend to squeeze in as much eating, drinking and shopping as possible.

Perth girl I found on lookbook who has wicked style. 

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