Monday, March 14, 2011

Today I went a purchased my wonderful Diana F+. I decided over the Diana Mini simply because you can do more with the Diana F+ like adding difference lenses eg. fisheye, wide angle and you can also take photos that are the same size as the Diana Mini as-well as the bigger sized pictures the Diana F+ takes. Now all I need is an occasion to take this new toy to so I don't waste the film on some pointless crap like taking pictures of my uni books etc.

Also to add to my camera collection I got a brand new Panasonic Lumix camera. I am so relieved to have a new digital camera because my last one got serious water damage and i can't live without my digi cam.

I was horribly bored in Uni today so I decided to do a little bit of window shopping online ... looking at clothes I just can't even imagine affording at this point in time. I fell in love with these two dresses one being a Ksubi dress and another being off the website Bonadrag.

I have also recently fallen in love with the colour red, I bought a new woolen cardigan from Good Sammys the other day which is a deep red/burgundy colour and a new singlet top in a similar colour.

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