Sunday, January 31, 2010


SILENT DISCO: you feel absolutely ridiculous but my god its great !
^Susie W
^Taylor mac
"this mess, we tried our best for something we can 't do" -Temper Trap
^billy boy and myself

^1st act- Miami Horror 
^Front row Groove Armada

a clean bunch of people perth are


^Laura G

^Superstylin ..
Groove Armada was possibly the highlight of the whole festival. They were awesome live and we had prime positioning for the show.
Some of the photography is done by Laura Grimshaw.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

"drunkin music, swift dj's, smoke machines and lazer rays"- BEP

BIG DAY OUT... all artists are lined up to produce and excellent day of music.
Tomorrow shall be awesome !!

^sydney BDO

Thursday, January 28, 2010

and it begins

So the last year of my schooling life has begun .. a little scary if a must confess. since the school work has begun it means my lack of concentration has begun as well.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


do a little time~

I was cruising through this morning just as I had my morning tea and I came across this blogger/model.

^ ABOVE: i absolutely love this outfit above i think its so simple and basic and each piece of clothing complements the other. I think this is a very cute winter look and now I'm going to keep my eye out for some over the knee boots... this winter i need to find a pair that i love.. i always go for a pair that seem to fall apart as soon as the winter season ends. I'm going to attempt to make a dress similar to this.

childish ?

^Georgia O 
^ Me and my new op shop dress : Salvos $18

This blogging world becomes more and more addictive the more and more you do it. You get lost in this cyber space of which can sometimes draw you in that far that the credit card gets involved too!... I feel sticking to the aussie spirit.. seaming as australia day is only well .. TOMORROW .. I'm standing by me fellow aussies and are only looking at the local blogs to have a taste of the local and true blue style and fashion trends from my very own down under. is a great site for street fashion ^as above.

Dree Hemingway

This "fashion heavy weight for 2010" ... according to Cleo magazine has really caught my eye. The ballerina turn model has some awesome style.

this time !

its all about the texture...


Friday, January 22, 2010

poison apples falling

^the cobra snake

Its almost the end of the summer holidays for us year 12's !! stressing out !
Well life must go on :)
One year left.

Whilst there's time left have to keep partying and op shopping!

Monday, January 18, 2010


^my home girl .. Georgia :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Aaand this is why I want a credit card....

Im not going to lie I'm very excited for winter fashion ... I mean I love summer like there's no tomorrow !! but winter fashion is just that little bit more exciting. I recently purchased an op shop blazer of which has a paisley type print.

Green usually isn't my colour but i feel adding a black and gold belt the right shoes maybe with some tights could be an awesome winter outfit.

I really want one of these jumpers they look so warm and snug.

Friday, January 15, 2010

a sense of safari

The up and coming trends revolve around the great out doors. There are alot of tribal felt designs and alot of army print patterns. Another style running through the fashion magazines... quite literally running some could say are the wedges heels .... the dont tend to hit off all that well but many designers eg.. Jimmy choo, LV, DOnna Karan and also dior are bring back on elegant and alternative wedge style killer heels ... looks like i need to to go hunting and gathering up some new shoes and clothes

life... bundle it up

where has the inspiration gone ... how do people manage to write song lyrics how do people manage to create a captivating piece of art ???  i wonder where this comes from ... what is it that makes you like what you like how do you know where that dress is for you. How is it that you know something matches your personal style when the trends and fads are ever changing. 

Some people on lookbook manage to inspire me to what i ppurrrchaase but does that mean idont have my own personal style??
fashion is just to confusing! to which is why ... it is so much fun and also what i love it !