Monday, March 29, 2010


love this dress !!! ammmaahhhzzzinnnggg 
i love the girl on the bikes dress its so indie and so music festival

the cobra snake

Spring break” Love Mark the Cobra snake and Wildfox Couture, shot at my Grandpas house for EXIT magazine.
Styling by kimberley gordon @ wildfox couture and cassandra kellogg
models: Talluhlah Morton Erika Braukis
Makeup: amy chance at celestine

“These girls know Spring Break very well, they wait for it, like they wait for love, all winter. Summer is not just a season to these girls, it’s more than holidays, beaches, sunny weather, more than just heat. It’s barefoot on the cement as you rush through the sprinklers like when you were a kid, it’s bikinis on the floor of the shower and strewn over the hot and cold taps, it’s ripping pages of makeup and products from vogue and pasting them into large, blank notebooks to share and read together on a blanket in the grass. It’s the smell of the grill, friends laughing, chopping pineapple and skewering shrimp, it’s stringing Christmas lights over the backyard and turning them on at night to lie under and talk about boyfriends. It’s sand in the bed after a long day at the beach. “

Sunday, March 28, 2010

the count down is on.

4 more days ...... faaarkkkkk yeah!!!
Looking through and found pretty cool outfits for some ideas of what to wear, these girls have simply amazing style ...
^^^^ Julia K
^^^Charlene O
^^Brynja J
^ Frida J

right now all i want is winter .. im over these 35 degree days i'm ready to rug up and get into some tights and boots, hopefully over the holiday period the weather will begin to cool off

Saturday, March 27, 2010


i've got your number- passion pit
^thrift shop top dr martens, diva necklace, bike shorts

I'm going to take you out tonight

"we really out juvied ourselves this time kids"
Ohh dear god it is almost the holidays and I dont think anyone quite understands how excited I am, i have a few more assessments this week and then I'm done for my last term 1 ever. Yet got to study hard during the holidays of which is always SO much fun ....
One of my good friends gets her P Plates next week so this holidays we all have a little bit more freedom :) awesome !

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a little collection

im so keen for this coming w.e it is a joke. I have nothing to wear so im trying to gather some ideas together so i can somehow pull something out of the wreckage.