Wednesday, March 10, 2010

reliving the moment

Well we’ve already revisited the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s trends in the past couple of years, so it only makes sense for the 90’s to be next. On many of the catwalks the 90’s style is all the rage. The main trends coming back from the 90’s era are (and not all of them a good thing) floral dresses, kitten heels, shoulder pads, denim, sportswear, neon and bold colours, layers, safety pins and even the rave whistle accessory.
Many magazines have already been publishing issues with the 90’s theme becoming prominent, and many of the featured designers are putting their own spin on the newest retro look. Surprisingly, even the daggy old bum bags are back in style, with well known designer Louis Vuitton designing a new version.
As far as fashion eras go the 90’s it had some really comfortable and relaxed looks, for example the grunge style, cute floral dresses (that come in many varieties) and lots of layered clothing. Many of these looks could be found in op shops for an affordable and authentic retro appearance.

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