Sunday, April 4, 2010


this winter i can see alot of socks and heels, personally i love this look its simply adorable
also long socks with boots-
i intend to wear my above the knee socks with my marc jacob gum boots
i have been looking for so long to find a pair of white socks with frills at the top if anyone knows where to buy them please let me no !!! all i can find are the toddler size ones in pumpkin patch !


  1. I've been looking everywhere for frilled socks too! There was some at City Beach a few years ago but I can't find them ANYWHERE! Let me know when you find them and where :)

  2. i found them :) they sell them in all different colours eg. grey, white, creme, black, at american apparel ... i got a couple of pairs in sydney so check them out online :)