Wednesday, April 14, 2010

cold & wet

sadly this morning returned from my trip to sydney, the little trip was well worth it,
did plenty of shopping finally found the frilly socks - sold at american apparel,
danielle and i amazingly travelled every where by foot, and only caught one cab sooo that was a big surprise and it meant we saved more money for clothes and food and got a PLENTY of exercise.
we mangaged to meet up with a friend from school called amy and hopped on the boat down at circular quay and travelled across to Tarragona Zoo where their was the cutest little baby elephant !!
we went and explored the sunday bondi markets of which were fabulous, plenty of great vintage stores and independent designers.
we shopped endlessly along oxford st and crown street and also managed to find a few little hidden vintage and thrift store tucked away in back streets.
whilst we were over there we planned on visiting all the fashion colleges, firstly we went to Whitehouse and got a tour of which was well worth it, we trekked it to ESMOD to find that it was closed due to school holidays.
we ate out for every meal and had the most amazing food, and we even managed to catch a movie.
we began somewhat regulars at a near by organic deli which sold the best food!

here are a few snaps of our little trip:
photography done by danielle, amy and myself 

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