Wednesday, November 4, 2009

tell her all that

I enjoy everything about this outfit , the jet black tights, the pretty white dress, and the checkered blazer and to top it off a velvet hairband. Due to the use of the natural tones, the outfit is balanced and works well, each garment compliments one another. Throwing on a pari of ray-bands has made this look, look nice and simple to the eye at first, but it is a really well put together outfit.
Loving the eyelashes ... may be daring enough to pull a pair out at a party some time soon.
The headband is well .. I HAVE TO HAVE IT ... i love it ... it's different and indie, i enjoy the alternative and risky look.

I love this "i woke up and slung an outfit on " look its so casual yet so stylish , the heels are a lovely compliment to the rest of the outfit
^these are D and G so a little out of my price range , though would die if i came across a nice little take off and save a little money !!
amazing sense of style, she appeared in Teen Vogue for her amazing street style and now attends all the major fashion runways. It proves to always be conscious of what you where and when you wear it ... you will never know how will catch there eye on you.

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