Wednesday, November 4, 2009

scissors paper ROCK

Fashiontoast.comWearing the belt out of the loops can prove to be rather flattering , have dont this before, if you have a pair of .. especially high waisted shorts or a skirt, not having the belt threaded through can some times steer others eyes away from you self conscious curves (which you shouldn't be self conscious about, curves are tres hot :) ). Wearing a belt through the loops is in order to give shape, generally round the waist line.
^ interesting yet effective ... the use of metal and chains are very in for the upcoming season .. alot of stud work is being seen especially in little denim shorts
this style of dress (cut out) is very in at the moment ... going to buy an over over over sized tank to cut up and have a little fun with on the week in my spare time (that i will make sure will happen)

a little twist: i think this is a fabulous way to change the way a dress looks, going to give it a whirl on the up coming weekend :)

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