Sunday, October 31, 2010

a present to me.

i decided to do a little bit of online shopping, though a little turned into a lot... but thats okay!
i bought some items from american apparel and also nasty gal and yet im still waiting for my jeffrey campbells to arrive that feels like years ago that i ordered them, i might send need supply a cheeky email telling them to hurry up :)

also my nana bought me a lotto ticket for the 3 million... fingers crossed i at least get a dollar :)


  1. Haha Thank you! I also like your blog =]. The curtains are from a friends house...sadly her house is pretty old so im guessing she wouldn't
    even know haha.

    P.S Following!

    P.P.S I hope you win a dollar!

  2. dammm it haha!

    touche i am following you aswell :)

  3. wuha great pics.
    wish u luck!

  4. Inspirational pics! I hattttttttte waiting for online purchases, defs the downside of online shopping.

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