Saturday, September 18, 2010

sorting out life

i have finally applied for uni- really scary but totally excited at the same time.
i have applied for the university of sydney, the university of technology in sydney, james cook university in queensland, curtain in perth and the university of western australia :)

i'm keeping my options open so i have applied for
marine biology (fam and i decided that one just today at james cook uni)
health science major in nutrition and dietetics
fashion and fashion

who say's i can't have a variety, the more the merrier i believe !

so thats one more thing checked off my checklist for the year :)

during my procrastination to this i checked out the new sass and bide gear of which i wouldn't mind stealing a few garments. 

sass and bide we page:

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  1. good like with your uni...hope you can become my bf's schoolmate :p