Tuesday, February 2, 2010

neat and tidy ...

being random is always alot more fun !
a dress up box is a great way to find all your old and crazy clothes from the past. I no my dress up box at home is filled with crazy dance costumes, clown outfits, cow boy and indians attire and some garments i just can't put my finger on what they were in the past slash why on earth my mother would let me wear such god forsaking things.

susie and harry

Tori S
Music :

clean white love- lisa mitchell
tonight-lykke li
all of the day and all of the night-the kinks
islands-the xx
paper aeroplane- angus and julia stone
and the boys-angus and julia stone
little sister-sliimy
hey ya-obadiah parker
rabbit heart-florence and the machine
the rain-calvin harris
enter galactic-kid cudi

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